movinghouselorrySo plans A B and C fell though and now SLMS is staring down the barrel of one month’s notice to vacate. We need to find a new home by July and so far the space search has only found dead ends. It’s incredibly frustrating. We’re financially viable, but the available properties are thin on the ground. If you know of any available space, please let us know immediately.


What we need

While we are willing to compromise in order to find a secure home, our ideal space would meet the following requirements.

  • Minimum 1,000 ft².
  • Divided or divisible into 2 rooms for clean/dirty workshops.
  • Exclusive use by SLMS.
  • Securely accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Near to public transport interchange (rail station or major bus route node)
  • Planning use class B1 (business), or
  • Planning use class A1-5 (retail, financial, bar/cafe), D1-2 (institution, assembly) in an area where the permitted 2-year change of use has not been overruled.

Our budget for rent is in the region of £10-15,000 per year, exclusive of VAT, rates and utilities.

We know that our budget can cover our space requirements: We’ve seen lots of places already let, or locations elsewhere in London that would fit, but we want to be in Zone 2-3 South London.

Without a place to go in July, we will be forced to make some very uncomfortable decisions. Please spread this message far and wide so that we can avoid making them.