The Wait is Over!

Tom Newsom

We’re so excited! Before the end of this week, we will have signed a three-year lease on a home for South London Makerspace. This is what we’ve been aiming for ever since that meeting at the Dogstar 2 years ago. This is where we truly begin. Read on for photos, plans and details of our new home.

The space

It’s incredibly close to our previous home on Norwood Road. A few doors down from the old Good Companion is the entrance to the Bath Factory estate of railway arches. We’re taking an arch near this entrance gate, which is nearly twice the size of the old place. Last week , it looked like this:

pano3 (Large)

Today, all the junk is gone (including the forklift, sadly!) and we will be getting the keys on the 1st of October. The arch is largely dry, but with a little damp coming through the ceiling. The floor is uneven in places, with a ramp down from the front door.

With that in mind, we aim to renovate the space to provide a warm, comfortable and dry space for making. This renovation will happen in phases, so that we can make space available as soon as possible, while further phases continue behind a temporary partition. The work will require all our members to pitch in at regular building sessions.

Phase 1

1st Phase

By January of 2015, we will have created a new front entrance, with proper doors and a window for natural light. We will have lined the inside of the arch to keep the space dry. We will have brought the floor up to an even level, insulated (along with the front wall) and carpeted. We will have rebuilt the small cubicles to provide a spacious and accessible toilet.


Phase 2+3

Once phase 1 is open and operational, the remaining 2/3rds of the arch will be fitted out in a similar fashion. The exact specification and layout of the rest of the space is up for grabs. Expect plenty of vigorous discussions on the topic as we go into 2015!

1st Phase (Large)

You can help

There is quite a bit of work involved, but this is the only way we can provide enough room for a proper makerspace without breaking the bank. The building work alone will require as many members as possible. However, the deposit and other move-in costs are going to put quite a strain on our bank account. Therefore, we are asking members (and non-members!) to support the project by donating towards the deposit. There has never been a more crucial time for us, so please give generously. Members will shortly receive more information via email. Non-members can arrange a donation, by emailing and we will provide you with bank account details.

We can’t overstate how exciting this is. Finally, we can do the real work of making a Makerspace for South London. See you there!


Phase 2 of our workshop build was funded by The Mayor Of London’s High Street Fund

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