Week 2 – The Get-In

Tom Newsom

After two weeks in our new space we’ve achieved two things: Emptying it, and filling it back up again. There was a pile of junk in the middle of the arch on day 1. It was gone by day 10. By last Wednesday, the arch was as empty as it’s been for years. Now, it’s filling back up again, but this time with the construction materials we need for building phase 1.


First we took all the junk out of the arch and piled it around some poor person’s Citroen. (Note: the Citroen escaped unharmed.)

IMG_8547 (1)

Then we brought the Calor Gas cylinders back in, because Calor will want them. The rest got taken away.

Then we patted ourselves on our backs and invited people round to have a look at all the lovely space we’d made. We drank excellent beer from Canopy , our neighbours two arches down.


Then we moved all the furniture out of the way, and piled up all the 2nd hand timber in a neat pile



Then, the building materials started to arrive. Concrete blocks, insulation, drainage.

And that’s not all! More cement, sand, timber and decking.


Hey! We just tidied up and now look at the mess you’ve gone and made!

It’s ok. It’s the good kind of mess. There’s one last delivery to be made, scaffolding to get in, and then the first block can be laid. If you are available to help during the day tomorrow (Wednesday) then please let us know! There will be many jobs soon, so keep an eye on the Group for calls to arms. Full speed ahead!


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