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Toby Harris

We’re very excited to have won funding from the Greater London Authority towards Phase 2, where we build out and kit up the second half of the arch. The GLA didn’t stop there, however! Out of all the ‘High Street Fund’ awardees, they chose South London Makerspace to make the announcement from. There was live TV, direct from SLMS!

High Street Fund Awardees Launch - Presentations

From the Flickr pool: Presentation time at SLMS

Finn Williams, Regeneration Area Manager at the Greater London Authority, introduced the High Street Fund and their approach using civic crowdfunding.

The SLMS trustees then gave a short turn each explaining what SLMS is, and the transformation the funding is going to make. For the dignitaries and press, the space looked clean and full of interesting things, which made for a fun reveal: the tarps were parted at the back and the full size of the arch – and the realities of a building site – were revealed.

The reveal: Phase 2 "extension"

From the Flickr pool: The tarps are parted to reveal the full size of the arch and where the money is going towards.

slms-tobyspark-glafundingevent-11-DSC_1810 1268

From the  Flickr pool: For a self-bootstraped space, we’re getting help from more and more companies. Thanks!

Daniel Moylan, Mayor’s chief advisor on aviation and infrastructure, talked with SLMS members about their projects, the enabling technologies, and how that intersected with their professional lives.

slms-tobyspark-glafundingevent-25-DSC_1735 1268

From the Flickr pool: Daniel Moylan talks to SLMS members Gordon Embersly and Darren Bex.

He went to give a nice distillation of what was good about SLMS to camera… which of course didn’t make the broadcast cut. But: broadcast! SLMS, live on TV.

slms-tobyspark-glafundingevent-3-DSC_1951 1268

From the Flickr pool: “it’s a place where new technology can be used by people in the community”

“South London Makerspace are one of the groups that were successful in getting [GLA High Street Fund] money. It’s a place where new technology can be used by people in the community. There’s a laser cutter, 3D printer and other technologies. Communities can come and enhance their own skills and develop their businesses”.  – @AlisonEarle8, presenting.

slms-tobyspark-glafundingevent-ontv-2-DSC_1967 1268

“There’s a huge amount of economic activity that takes place in London on High Streets, it’s not just in the centre of town. And it’s not just the shops, it’s the businesses above and behind… and in the railway arches.” – Daniel Moylan

“If you’ve got a hobby project or a business product that you don’t have the tools or the space at home, you can come here and join all the other members of the space.” – Tom Newsom


“We’ve got a range of 3D printers which make detailed moving parts for example, [Tom Lynch’s Split-Flap display] is a kind of display that they don’t make any more but you can make one yourself with the tools, [Stuart Shum’s Twitter Printer] has been printing our tweets all morning – as you can see, we’ve been busy. We’ve got a fully equipped woodworking workshop; saws and drills and so on. Or if you’ve got a business project, this is a multimedia crossfading device that [Toby Harris] worked on. We’ve also got professional, industrial machines like this Trotec laser cutter.” – Tom Newsom

We actually had more variety on display earlier – this tour was filmed later in the day. Shakur was showing his indoor agriculture using hanging drinks bottles, and Yulia had her exquisite heartbeat communicating jewellery.

slms-tobyspark-glafundingevent-ontv-5-DSC_1978 1268

“They’re giving us twenty thousand pounds, and we’re using it to fit out the rest of the space, because what you can see around you we did with our own money and time… but back here there’s twice as much space again which needs fitting out and with the Mayor’s money we can bring this up to scratch this year and give all our members and the people of south London a place to make things they want to make.” – Tom Newsom

Can’t say it better than that.


Phase 2 of our workshop build was funded by The Mayor Of London’s High Street Fund

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