Just Add Sharks comes to Makerspace to show off their open source laser cutter vanillabox

Tom Lynch

Just Add Sharks was founded by Dominic Morrow and Martin Raynsford to import laser cutters from China to fulfil the need for low cost, entry level laser cutters for makers and hackers. They’ve gone from strength to strength with numerous Hackspaces around the country purchasing them including London Hackspace.

They’ve now turned their attention (with the addition of new team member Ian) to manufacturing their own affordable and open source laser cutter, using their expertise built up in Just Add Sharks’ other business.

Today Dominic and Ian came down from Nottingham to show off their final working prototype before the pre-production prototype. They are crowdfunding preorders for the machine, at only £1,500 including VAT. Today they showed us how the machine works, and invited questions and feedback from attendees.

The machine works on PC and Mac, with a 300mm by 600mm bed and a 35W laser tube and air assist. It’s perfect for home and small business maker projects from prototyping to DIY projects.

Everyone was really impressed with the work so far and we’re certainly wishing them all the best.

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