Membership sign-ups suspended, 30th April 2018

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the South London Makerspace

Since our early days in 2014 we’ve seen a steady growth in our community to become the vibrant creative and social mix you see today. However we have finite space and need to be realistic about how many members can comfortably share that space

So we’ve come to the point where we’ve decided not to accept any new membership applications until further notice

We’ll be watching the situation over the coming months – we may well open again for new members at some future date – but at the moment we want to let the situation play out organically, and therefore won’t be maintaining a waiting list

The best way to hear about updates is by joining the mailing list at the bottom of this post

In the meantime: don’t wait – keep making stuff! In your shed or on your kitchen table…or visit the Open Workshop Network which lists workshops and their facilities across London

Or why not do what we did? If you want to create your own community checkout this guide on the Hackspace Foundation site 

Please stay in touch by joining our forum following us on social media, and coming down to one of our regular open events or you can join our Membership Mailing list by filling out the form below


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