Advanced Woodworking – Power tools – Table Saw

Advanced Woodworking – Power tools – Table Saw


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Advanced Woodworking Power tools

Table Saw

(Intermediate woodworking power tools 1 must be completed before attending this course)

Introduction to the table saw. There are some cuts that are easier to complete on the table saw, this course will cover the safe use of this machine.

This also includes a basic health and safety introduction to our new wood workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Please note we are currently only offering these courses to SLMS members


Fence use and micrometer

Blades uses and changing

Rip cut/Cross cut

Sliding table

Extension table

Mitre cuts

Bevel cuts

Changing depth.


This course covers the safe use of the table saw

Inducts you to use

Table Saw

** Please note. If you have previously completed this course but have not used the table saw for two months or more, you will need wood tech supervision on your next use.**