Basic Woodworking – Joints Part 2 – SLMS members courses

Basic Woodworking – Joints Part 2 – SLMS members courses


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Basic Woodworking- Joints Part 2 

The course is for SLMS members only, and this is reflected the discounted rate

Workshop duration: 2 hours

For those who want to take their woodworking a bit further, eg. to make a bed, a five bar gate or a bookcase, these are the joints you need!

Following on from Part 1 we will be looking at more classic woodworking joints. These four joints will be made with both hand tools and power tools, with the aim to make you more confident in your woodworking skills.

This also includes a basic health and safety introduction to our new wood workshop.


Bridle Joint

Mortice and Tenon

Rebate joint (Hand Tools)

Dadoes (Hand tools)


Learn to measure, mark and cut accurately using handsaws, marking gauges and marking knives.

Use and setting up of the rebate plane, router plane and combination plane.

Using the Mitre saw, Drill Press and Morticing Machine.

Inducts you to use:-

Mitre Saw

Morticing Machine

Drill Press