Intermediate Woodworking – Hand Tools

Intermediate Woodworking – Hand Tools


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Intermediate woodworking – Hand tools

Sharpening chisels, and planes

Learn how to get the best of your tools with good sharpening practices.

This also includes a basic health and safety introduction to our new wood workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Please note we are currently only offering these courses to SLMS members


Hand Sharpening vs guides

Oilstones, water stones

Grinder vs Tormek

Veritas guide



A short course on good sharpening practices. Why we use a guide every time and how hand sharpening with your own tools can save time.

Learn how to get razor sharp chisels and plane blades safely.

Learn how to shape and sharpen a scrub plane.

Inducts you to use


Veritas guide

Sharpening stones.