Woodworking Courses for SLMS members

Welcome to the South London Makerspace Educational woodwork courses

Please note that these courses are currently available for members only

SLMS members please read this first before booking

Our aim at South London Makerspace is to get our members designing and making projects as soon and as safely as possible

To further this we are rolling out a series of new woodwork courses from January 2022 – these high-quality courses are offered at an extremely competitive rate for SLMS members

Click through the links to check course dates and availability and express an interest in a course – to avoid us running courses at loss each session will only be confirmed when the minimum number of attendees has signed up: please wait for confirmation before heading over – no money will be taken before a course is confirmed

Course dates will usually be posted a month in advance, so do check back for future dates – and if there’s a group of you wanting a particular course then why not make a post on Discourse tagging @woodtechs


Basic Woodworking – Joints part 1 – Hand Tools

Basic Woodworking – Joints part 2 – Mitre Saw, Morticing Machine, Drill Press

Intermediate Woodworking Power Tools 2 – Bandsaw

Intermediate Woodworking Power Tools 1 – Tracksaw/Domino

Intermediate Woodworking Power tools 3 – ½’’ Router, ¼’’ Router, Jigsaw

Intermediate Woodworking Power Tools 4 – Router Table

Intermediate woodworking – Hand tools Tormek, Sharpening chisels, and planes Veritas guide

Intermediate Woodworking Power Tools – Lathe Part 1 – between centres

Intermediate Woodworking Power Tools – Lathe Part 2 – Faceplate Turning

Advanced Woodworking Power Tools – Table Saw

Project Based Courses (Various)

Please register interest here for the courses listed below, or to suggest a course we should run

Making Courses — coming soon

Dovetails – make a dovetail guide

Make a shooting Board

Router plane

Painted Bedside cabinet (mdf)

3 legged Stool

Tapered tenon chair

Pepper mill

Turned pens

Coffee table

Step stool