Monthly Archive January 2022


We Are Reopening For New Members!

After almost 2 years of hibernation the SMLS is finally waking up and coming to life again!

Finally we are able to host our Open Evenings again and with that take on new members! These will once more take place on Wednesdays and let you have a look at our space and meet some of our makers!

For now the Open Evenings will take place twice a month so please check on our Discourse Forum when they are taking place.

Much has happened in the past few months in and around the space to get the place looking good and ready to open up again for new members. A lot of work has also gone into ensuring a safe working environment for all members in regards to Covid. Each of our workshop rooms has a high volume air filtration system with HEPA-filters and currently we have a policy to wear masks in the space.

We have been working on expanding and we will be doubling our space with the arch next to us almost ready to move in to. So there will be a lot of opportunities to get involved in setting up new areas in our space and taking part in our upcoming volunteer days. You can find more details on Discourse

Over the past 2 years we had a lot of people interested in becoming a member of the space so our waiting list has grown considerably. We will try and work through our waiting list as quick as we can manage but it might be some time before we can offer a membership to everyone.