Use of the Space

South London Makerspace provides a physical space for members and visitors to meet, work on projects and socialise.

Each person is responsible for leaving the space clean & tidy after use. All activities at South London Makerspace must be legal. Illegal activities include copyright infringement, unauthorised access to computer systems, and consumption or distribution of illegal drugs. Nor may the space be used for unethical, socially unacceptable or any other activity which can harm other people, such as use of porn, phishing or spamming, of using equipment or devices which emit harmful substances.

Do not sleep in the space.

The directors have the right to remove members from the Makerspace, or even terminate their membership, for breaches of these rules or the code of conduct.


The culture of South London Makerspace is a direct result of the actions of its members.
Those actions should reflect these core values:

  • We are part of a space and community that is welcoming and safe for everyone.
  • We make every new member feel welcome, and make sure they are introduced to the space, our – friends and customs. Nobody should feel that they are outside a clique.
  • We get to know each other’s interests and projects.
  • We share our knowledge, advice and skills.
  • We treat every member with the kindness and respect we would like to receive.
  • We resolve disagreements as soon as possible and do not let grievances simmer.
  • We do not permit or ignore harassment of any kind, for any reason, including but not limited to race, gender, sexuality, religion, physical ability, appearance, age, religion or parenthood.

Use of Tools and Equipment

All tools and equipment must be used for their intended purpose only and in accordance with safe operating procedure.

Do not use a tool or piece of equipment until you are familiar with it’s safe use. Induction is required before using nominated tools and equipment.

Wear and tear of tools & equipment is to be expected. Damage should be reported. You will not be blamed; it is better that everyone knows, so that it can be fixed and avoid accidents and disappointment.

Tools which are broken or unsafe must be marked with an appropriate tag, and removed from use. Report problems with tools and equipment to the directors.

We do not lend or loan tools for use outside the Makerspace, otherwise they are not available to members when they come in to use them and they also tend to disappear. For tool borrowing, try the Library of Things instead.


Safety is the responsibility of every person at South London Makerspace

If you are concerned about the safety of any person – speak up. Safety concerns have priority. Try to resolve immediate safety issues amongst the people present at the time. If no resolution is reached, please refer to the directors.

Any incident where the safety of any person is compromised – either when an injury has occurred, or there was a significant risk of injury – should be recorded on an Incident Report Form and referred to the directors.

Planning an Event

The space is available for all members to host their own events, so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The activities taking place do not break the rules of the space.
  2. Permission is sought beforehand.
  3. At least 30% of any profit is donated to the space.

The detailed process for holding an event is as follows:

Filming in the Space

South London Makerspace is private property, which means that there is no default permission to take photographs inside. The privacy of our members comes first, so please follow these rules before taking photos or filming in the space:

  • Before taking anybody’s photograph, you must obtain their permission. This includes people in the background of an otherwise person-free photograph.
  • If you’re planning a substantial amount of photography that might be disruptive to other uses of the space, please warn us in Discussion beforehand.