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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of South London Makerspacesouth london makerspace

We are slowly getting back towards ‘new normal’ operation in these strange COVID times

We’re not yet ready to fully open to new members, although we’re starting to hold Open Evenings again, and Electronics Nights are now happening in person after a period online, with guests welcome. Joining our forum is probably the best way to keep to to speed

By signing up to the Membership Mailing list at the bottom of this post you will be put into a pool from which we will randomly select email addresses and mail out a pre-membership survey. We are looking to restart these mailshots in January 2022, with new membership spaces being opened up every month after that. We are unable to realistically estimate a wait time, but once the process gets going we should have an idea

Membership is “£23 per month…plus some time” as we’re a totally volunteer built and run workshop, with reduced rates available for members facing financial hardship – contact us for more details

We are looking for experienced makers to take on responsibilities in various areas (metalworking, wood turning, print making for example) – if you have such skills and the time and enthusiasm to champion an area of activity for fellow makers then please contact us directly, as this is a bottleneck for us opening more widely