Standard Rubber (Grey) – 2.3mm

Standard Rubber (Grey) – 2.3mm


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The rubber stamp “Multi” is suitable for the identification of all surfaces, especially when the use of oil-based inks is required.

The marking of surfaces with oil-based inks is particularly recommended because, where the surface of the humidity.

The oil-based inks are also available for the identification of concrete and metal to protect surfaces with a high absorption / absorption and advantageous everywhere where the marking should be light- and weather-resistant.

Here are some:

height Resistance, perfectly smooth surface, temperature resistance, low dust emission in machining

Oil resistance (the gum swells upon contact with oil-based inks not on), alcohol resistance

suitable for single and multi-colored Stempe, excellent engraving and imprint quality

Additional information

Width x Height

210mm x 297mm