PPE Campaign

We’re all living with the effects of COVID-19 and while we’ve temporarily closed South London Makerspace, we could not sit idly by while our community was in need.


There is an extreme shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for medical professionals, carers and front line staff. The people who keep us healthy and safe are currently unable to keep themselves safe. To combat this problem, the global maker community is creating and sharing PPE solutions around the world.

South London Makerspace have joined that effort. A few of our members have developed a face shield based on an existing popular design but with modifications to the visor piece to make it easy to create on a Laser cutter machine instead of 3D printing or CNC’ing. We entered production this week and hope to make at least 1,000 face shields over the next couple of weeks

So what’s next? Well, South London Makerspace is a Not for Profit organisation, all volunteer run, and we’ve got a few people who are doing a lot of work. Members are donating their expertise, machines, and materials, and some of them are donating their own money to this cause.

Personally, we’ve also pledged a portion of our budget to this project, (even though we’ve closed the space). If you can help us in the casue it would be most appreciated and would allow us to continue this work for as long as possible.

We have set up this campaign from the South London Makerspace community for the raw materials. Please share this page with your friends. For every £4 you donate, we can make a face shield freely available to people who need them.

We are all volunteers trying to help our community. (At least three of our members were infected with COVID-19). This virus is affecting everyone, so we’ve all got to pitch in and help. We hope our contribution will allow the front line workers to be safe. Expect more updates soon… We’re all working as fast as we can, but we do want to share our progress on this as time allows. Let’s #flattenthecurve!

To donate, please the button below. All money raised will go toward the PPE campaign. In the event of any surplus being left at the end, this money will be donated to a local NHS charity

Please Help Spread the Word!

If you or someone you know needs a face mask or your organisation needs some, please fill out the enclosed form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible..