Open House – Saturday 11th May | 10am to 4pm

Paul CourtByPaul Court

Open House – Saturday 11th May | 10am to 4pm

An informal drop-in open day, with a range of demos, projects to see and tours of the workshops

Come along, meet members, see our workshops!

There is no fixed itinerary for today – just as there is no timetable for any day at South London Makerspace: you never know quite who will turn up or what they’ll be working on

There could be Daleks, jewellery making, bowl turning, coding…or completely unrelated projects

Other than that we can promise you a warm welcome, a tour of the workshops, and that you will learn at least one fascinating/mind-blowing new fact*…and strongly hint that you’ll see 3d printing and laser cutting in action

Plus: Robin Baungarten’s famous experimental hardware games and installations – as seen in the recent Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition at the V&A

*or your money back, noting that entry is free…

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1 comment so far on9:58 am - Jan 28, 2020

This web site is looking really good Paul. Im impressed!
I purchared a number of bowl blanks last week for faceplate turning training. whilst i guess its low on your list of priorities they could be in the shop for sale to members?

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