Beech Circular Discs – 125mm x 50mm


Beech Circular Discs – 125mm x 50mm


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Fagus sylvaticus. Air and kiln dried.
All dimensions shown are in mm (diameter x thickness).

Beech blank for bowl turning with the end grain treated, supplied by  Stiles & Bates..

The most widely used timber in the UK furniture industry, the timber is strong, straight grained and stable. Used for work as diverse as tool handles and treen, being particularly suitable for the latter as it is clean and virtually odourless.

The colour of the timber varies greatly according to soil type – our local beech tends to have a core varying from dark brown to orange – but is generally whitish to pale brown with characteristic flecks like tiny raspberry pips.

As a turning timber, beech cuts as easily as any hardwood to a fine crisp finish, ideal for detailed bowl or spindle work. Accepts stains well and finishes with all finishing products.